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Caring for your Latex

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We want all of your glossy Very Latex clothing to stay looking great for a long time so there are a few simple rules to follow.
Listed below are our tips on caring for your precious latex clothing collection.

  • Store in a cool, dark place - Ultra-Violet sunlight breaks down latex
  • Hand wash with mild soapy water within 8 hours of use. Sweat contains body oils which break down the latex
  • Use water-based lubricants only. Oil-based lubricants or massage oil will destroy the latex.
  • Light colored latex, especially white clothing items need to be stored separately from any colors in the wardrobe. Pale or transparent latex absorbs other colors easily from both latex and non-latex clothes. Ideally store so they do not touch other clothing at all - we have found the IKEA SVAJS dress bag to be best so far.
  • Even colored trim on a cheap plastic clothing bag or coat hanger will stain light latex.
  • Most lighter latex colors also stain when touching metal like zips, valves or metal coat hangers. If this is due to oil on the valve or zip, this can be easily removed with soap and a careful fingernail.
  • Do not leave water on latex for an excessive period (eg. in the bottom of a foot while drying).
  • If you use talc, buy only from a reputable larger company marked suitable for babies, since cheap talc can contain Asbestos particles.
  • For polishing use Pjur Cult Ultra Shine (it is non-solvent, rubber and PVC safe) or another dedicated Latex Shine product. If in doubt test on a condom first. Absolutely no oils!
  • Hang or carefully fold your latex to avoid creasing.
  • Latex can be delicate at times and should be treated with the respect it deserves. It can be easily torn by diamond rings, forcing it into tight shoes without lube or talc, or trying to dress in a rush. For example, latex jeans look and feel beautiful to wear, but they are not as hard wearing as real denim! Be especially careful if your latex is skintight on you.