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Materials and Color Chart

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The range of colors and thicknesses available depend on the item you are ordering, selected from one of the two color sets below. The item you are ordering will list only the available choices.

Transparent = can see detail through the material.
Translucent = can easily see light / dark through the material.
Opaque = blocks out most light. Unless otherwise stated, all colors are opaque

Standard 0.45mm colors

Kittysuit Black Sheath Dress Red Pilot uniform Gold Maidsuit Silver
Scrubs Blue Illusion Dress Metallic Blue Skintight Catsuit Natural
Cheongsam Grey
Heavy Dollsuit Pastel Pink Pink Blight Catsuit Metallic Pink Wedding Dress White
Dogsuit Brown Purple
(can look pink in photos)
Comfort Romper Metallic Purple Smock Dress Set Yellow
Mermaid Sheath Light Green

Please note that we have tried to reproduce color as best as possible but due to different screen displays and availability of material there may be some variation due to flash photography.

Heavy duty 0.8mm colors

Sleeper Black Jeans Blue Bondage Catsuit Red Cheongsam Pants White
Light colored latex (especially white) tends to change color if not stored carefully or if touching metals. Please read caring for light latex colors before ordering in these materials. All white latex material is more costly to deal with because it stains easily, but we do not pass these costs on to customers. We cannot replace latex that has been stored incorrectly.