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Our customer says "I have well received the LONG NIGHTGOWN and GYM ROMPER DRESS and am so satisfied that I wish you could make me another LONG NIGHTDRESS identical to the first one (same measurements). Thanks for your nice job."
Price: $270 Australian Dollars (est. $191 US)
Product Code: dr008 Bondage Rating: 0/5 A bondage rating of 0 means no restriction at all, graduating up to 4 which means some restriction and you need help to wear and get out, and 5 which means heavy restriction and you need someone to help you wear and get out.
Weight: 950 g Normally international postage costs around the same up to 2kg so you can estimate how many items you can fit into one parcel if you want to combine postgage efficiently. Custom fit included: YES All our products are made to your measurements, except when you buy off the rack.
- Colors - Custom -


Dress yourself in the perfect old fashioned latex sleepwear. This very long rubber maternity smock dress is soft and comfortable enough to sleep in every night. Hood and gloves not included. Available in your choice of two 0.45mm colors, where major color is the color of the skirt section.


The main color that most of this outfit it is made from
The secondary color for trim or for smaller areas of color on this item
Two D-rings and an upgrade of the collar to a reinforced core allows this outfit to be padlocked closed

Availability: Made to measure items ship in 6 to 8 weeks from payment, we ensure fit and quality is perfect for you. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see what's in we have in stock.

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Long Nightgown Sale Female XS Female XS: Weight 50 - 55 kg, Height 156 - 166 cm, Chest/Bust 75 - 90 cm, Waist 58 - 73 cm, Hip 81 - 96 cm Toxic YELLOW with BLACK trim as pictured.
$135 AUD (Normally $270)
You save $135

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