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The common questions we get at Very Latex are listed here.

Q. Do you ship in discrete packaging?

A. Yes our items are sent in a plain box without the name of our website or anything embarrassing on the outside. A catsuit is listed as a suit, a dress as a uniform, a hood a hat etc. We don't list your email address and the package is addressed to you alone.

Q. How do you accept payment?

A. Payment is by PayPal at You can pay us from your existing paypal account or with a credit card. We will provide payment instructions when we calculate final postage for you.

Q. Can I change my order after payment?

A. It depends. Generally we do the cut up at the beginning then make in batches, so if that has happened you probably cannot change design or measurements. So please do your best to measure carefully and be sure of your order before payment. We will ask for confirmation from you of your order after you pay ;-)

Q. I have just paid, so when do I get my awesome gear?

A. Since we make in batches to keep prices low, and also make to measure it can be 6 to 8 weeks before your outfit arrives. We promise your patience will be rewarded. If you want something for a special event please plan in advance - the lead-up to Christmas is a very busy time for all latex manufacturers. For faster items sometimes we have fixed size stock available at the bottom of each product page.

Q. Who do you use for international postage?

A. For tracked mail we use Australia Post International Courier Express which takes 3 to 5 days to most destinations on the planet. We give you a URL and a tracking code to watch your parcel's rubbery progress towards your house. All our parcels over 500 grams are tracked unless you specifically request otherwise.

Q. Why does shipping time vary?

A. We are a small business that can do a steady number of items per month so sometimes we get a backlog or waiting list. We could scale up to deliver faster but our costs would also need to rise so we have a good compromise where quality and fit are most important. In stock items ('Off the Rack') are shipped straight away, so waiting times do not apply to them.

Q. What is the URL to track my parcel?

A. For tracked mail (over 500 grams) use the URL which is Australia Post International Courier Express and type in the code we send you after the item is posted. Australia Post is extremely reliable.

Q. In the unlikely event I have a problem, what is your returns policy?

A. If it doesn't fit and the item is sent back straight away by return mail, we will of course rectify the situation and pay for your postage. In the unlikely event one of our seams falls apart soon after you get the item then we will happily replace it with like for like, but if the fabric itself has torn then replacement may be unlikely depending on the nature of the tear. This is because it is quite common for people to tear latex with rings or to force their rubber feet into boots without due care. Latex that stains we will not replace - all light colors stain and must be stored and used carefully as per our latex care page. If in doubt, ask because we want all our customers to be happily rubbered long term and basically pleased with us so you recommend us to your friends. The only things we ask are that you measure as accurately as possible, using a centimeters tape measure, and to take care when rubberizing yourself, use plenty of lube or talc, don't force it.

Q. Do you have a shop we can visit? (or, I live near Mount Waverley, can I pick up?)

A. Due a few bad incidents (the old story of the few spoiling it for the many) we are now strictly an online shop only, no pickups, no exceptions. This also enables us to maintain our value for money and to concentrate on design, quality and personal service.

Q. Do you do repairs on other manufactured gear?

A. We don't actually do alterations or repairs on other latex gear, for a number of reasons, but the main one is it breaks the flow of the manufacturing pipeline. Other reasons include the different lubricants people add to their suits to make it impossible to clean before gluing, so the cost can be prohibitive compared to making new.

Q. It appears the suit is about $xxx (US$) plus $xx shipping. Any additional customs charges, shipping or any other costs to ship to US?

A. On the scheme of things our packages are considered small and well documented and so rarely attract extra customs charges. We are not liable for such charges of course (out of our control), but your chance of having to pay them is extremely remote.

Q. Are there any places you will not ship to?

A. Due to frequent lost postage in these countries, we are sorry that we do not ship to Bulgaria, Russia, Mexico, Central America, South America and Africa.

Q. Are your items moulded or glued?

A. All are glued, except the gloves which are dipped. The puffer jacket and pants are glued and parts stitched.

Q. Which should I choose, 0.45mm, 0.7mm or 1mm latex?

The standard (thinner 0.45mm material) latex is better for comfort because it stretches more and hugs curves better, especially hoods. Some more experienced latex lovers always want the thickest material possible (it can never be thick enough!) but unless you are one of these people, go for standard 0.45mm thickness latex first. Thick material doesn't stretch enough for a good fit with an attached mask so we generally don't allow attaching hoods to heavier latex. Thick latex can tend to look ill fitting if the suit is a little large because it stretches less.

Q. What is the best way to polish latex?

A. We have been using ArmorAll shine spray (the non aerosol kind) for ten years without ever having a problem. In fact it creates a wonderful shine, but of course dedicated silicone based sprays such as Pjur Cult Ultrashine are far superior. Do not use the versions of ArmorAll that contains detergents or cleaning agents, so check the label to ensure it is the basic silicone shine spray. As long as it is marked as safe for interior Rubber and Vinyl it should be OK. If in doubt test on your cheapest item or on latex condoms. If in any doubt, use a proper latex silicone spray like Pjur Cult Ultrashine.

Q. How do you put on a latex catsuit without difficulty?

A. Body hair is not a problem as long as you follow some practical tips. Option one is to use talc powder, like Johnsons Baby Powder or similar. Any other kind of body talc will do. Sprinkle talc on the INSIDE of the catsuit, and shake around until it coats all surfaces inside including the sleeves and legs. Then talc your body liberally (best to do in the bathroom) and it should slip on easily. Avoid breathing in talc. Option two is to use a water based lubricant, very good when the suit is deliberately on the small side. For example 'Wet Stuff' or similar (anything that is condom safe) as long as it does not contain a heating or spermicide agent that may irritate skin.

Q. Will you partner with me for my female modelling site?

A. Yes. We get dozens of requests for this, however: if you are a female fetish model, live in Melbourne Australia and have a serious desire to develop your latex cred, contact us and we may be able to help each other. You must provide your own photographer and allow us to use some resulting photos for our site - of course would highlight and link to you for your publicity. Males need not apply sorry, no shortage of volunteers there!

Q. The suit I previously had was a front zip though crotch. Can you tell me the advantages of the shoulder zips and crotch zipper combination?

A. It is aesthetic mostly - Our designer Fast thinks having somewhat more obvious shoulder zips detracts more from the smooth line of the shoulders more than a rear zip detracts from the feel of the latex. But is up to you. One shoulder zip is a little harder to put on, but has more latex-on-skin but less symmetry than the two shoulder zip.

Q. Do you sell plain latex hood with nose openings only?

A. No, for safety regulations. But we can make the mouth smaller. In accessing our site you agree to always play safely. We trust you are old enough to make your own choices about risk and be responsible for playing safely. If you don't play with a buddy, you may be crazy.

Q. Do you offer (or plan to offer) to chlorinate the garments that you make?

A. We don't do chlorination directly, but we happily ship to chlorination services in the USA and UK (e.g. You must make your own arrangements with them in advance.

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