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We will commence regular activity again on 1st December 2017.
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We link here only other sites that fit in with our philosophy. These links open in a new window.


BluAfterGlow - The premier Fetish hub in Melbourne, Australia since 2002. Very well established.

ABODE - Australia's first purposely designed and built Fetish Club since 2004. If you love wearing shiny in public, Confessional & SINthetic are your regular superskin events at ABODE in St Kilda (Melbourne). You will often see our gear here.

Finally, lots of Melbourne based kink! A bunch of friendly fetishers who will welcome you without judgement. We love them all.
Melbourne Chains, a regular bondage club event right here in Melbourne.


The website of Osvaldo Greco, one of our most inspirational fetish artists, drawing women in peril (and in heavy latex) in the style of Eneg, Eric Stanton, Tom of Germany, and the old Bizarre Comix. Osvaldo, our ladies love you very much! Greco's Girls

4F is the brainchild of an artist who has been inspirational to us. Rick is the best on the planet at imagining and then drawing his ladies in latex. The incredible artwork on his site is definitely worth the tiny subscription fee.
4F Artwork


Looking for fantasy to go with your new Very Latex rubber gear? Gromet has the stories to enjoy, including a dedicated latex and encapsulation section. Updated regularly with new stories. Gromets Plaza

JG Leathers is one of the most prolific writers and supporters of latex and bondage themes, both on the web and in RL. Thank you JG for your contribution to making the lives of others more enjoyable.

Latex and fetish

New York Rubber Ball

Looking for some great latex forums? Or to meet new rubbery friends? Definitely worth joining up (is free!).

RubberZone is a male latex and broad fetish forum site we like very much. Give it a try by logging in as a guest.
Rubber Zone for men

Amazing Natalia. The girl who knows what she wants, with the rubber lifestyle that is the envy of us all.

They cover all things dark and alternate. We imagine this to be a rubber chateau full of interesting rooms to explore. Great reviews - this site is regularly updated and on the ball. One of the first to find and review us.

Fetish sites that link back to us

Not only do we make latex gear, but many of our staff wear latex at home and in public. Alternative lifestyle anyone? Alternative Lifestyles Network: LATEX

Who could pass up being on such an exclusive list? Latex Top 100

Weird yet sexy...that describes us too!
Weird and Sexy

A fetish oriented link site that is beautifully presented with preview pages.
Lust Lust directory

Finally a link site for the fetishes, not just sex.