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Terms and Conditions for Purchasing from us

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As with all Fine Things that add zest to life (eg. bungee jumping, space travel), clothing you buy from us requires some personal responsibility regarding safety. When ordering clothing that includes some measure of breath control or restriction, you must agree to play responsibly, and never wear the item alone.

By buying from Very Latex, we require that you agree to the following statements and terms:

  • Clothing that can restrict breathing must be supervised at all times by another person
  • You undertake to play safely and with the assistance of another where restrictive clothing is worn
  • You accept full personal responsibility for your own actions
  • You agree to absolve Very Latex from any injury as result of your own risk taking or failure to set up a safe play environment
  • All designs on this site remain the property of
  • Very Latex does not replace latex that is stained or that has changed color due to incorrect storage - see Caring for your Latex